Why Fall is the Best Time for a Pool Renovation 

Texans are lucky because we don’t have to deal with ice and snow all winter long. Many things that people in other parts of the country can’t do during fall and winter are completely possible, and sometimes advisable, here. One of those things is pool renovation! Do you have a backyard pool that you would love to spruce up? Let’s talk about why fall is the ideal time to schedule your much-needed renovation.

No Disruption to Your Swim Time

Once school is in session, there’s less time to kick it in the pool, and by October it’s likely the days won’t be warm enough to swim. Nobody wants to renovate their pool when everyone’s enjoying summer swim time! So, fall is the perfect time to get it done. The pool will  be ready for spring swimming, and warm summer days will not be lost to renovation. 

Pool Companies are Less Busy 

Pool season typically kicks off in early spring and runs nonstop until midsummer. After that, families turn their attention to back-to-school, and  the phones at pool service companies aren’t ringing as often. This is a huge benefit to you, because there are less waiting periods and scheduling difficulties in the fall than there are in spring and summer.

Things are (Hopefully) a Little Calmer

There’s usually a bit of a lull between the first day of school and Halloween, before the busiest time of year begins: HallowThanksMas and New Years. This means you can take the time to really plan and discuss your renovation with the pros at A-Quality Pool Service. If you’re hoping for a pool renovation during September, October, or November, now is a great time to get it on the schedule.

Minimal Impact on Your Landscaping

During spring and summer, plants are in bloom, the yard is green and gorgeous, and it’s a total shame to disrupt your landscaping. It’s a well-known fact that plants do best when set in the ground in fall. This gives them time to set healthy root systems throughout winter before the spring and summer heat. This is a great reason to renovate your pool in the fall. Imagine how beautiful your yard will look next year with a new pool and a surround of flowering plants!

Fewer Problems Getting Parts & Materials

Since pool service companies are pedal-to-the-metal during spring and summer, it can take time to receive any parts, equipment, or materials that need to be ordered. You’ll have less competition finding these items in the fall. (Special Note: 2020 has been a crazy year in the pool industry, and many manufacturers are further behind than normal. Please schedule your fall renovation early, so that we have ample time to get what you need.)

A-Quality Pool Service offers vinyl liner replacements and gunite/concrete pool renovations throughout the Grapevine and Fort Worth area. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and a member of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Call 817-281-0781 today so we can discuss your pool renovation for this fall! With a fully renovated pool, your spring and summer will be oh, so enjoyable.

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