poolife® Turbo Shock® Shock Treatment for sale at $148.99 per 25lb bucket!

A-qualiuty Pools Turboshock $148.99

A-Quality Pools offers poolife® Turbo Shock® Shock Treatment for sale at $148.99. Why spend $179.99 at Leslie’s for pool chemicals, when you can spend $148.99 with A-Quality Pools!

That is a SAVINGS of over $31 per 25lb. bucket!

As gas prices rise, turn to A-Quality Pools to reduce your chemical cost this year.

TurboShock® is the strongest shock treatment available to treat your pool. With 78% available chlorine, poolife® TurboShock® works fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves more quickly and completely and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work. poolife® TurboShock® is GOOD for all pool surfaces and there is NO need to pre-dissolve.

poolife® Turbo Shock® Shock Treatment comes in 25lbs.

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(*Price comparison based on current running Leslie’s ads for Powder Powder Plus, 25 lbs. buckets.)

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