Green Mountain Grills

Want to take your BBQ game to the next level? You need a grill from Green Mountain Grills! These wood-pellet grills burn real hardwood, infusing your food with the unmistakable flavor of the classic American smokehouse. And with automatic temperature and smoke control, delicious has never been so easy. Grill smarter and eat better with a Green Mountain Grill from A-Quality Pools.

Prime Grills

Grill smarter. Eat better! Our grills give you complete control at your fingertips. Control and monitor your grill on-the-go, remotely with our server mode or from your home WiFi network.

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Choice Grills

For 11 years, GMG's Choice Grills have stood the test of time. Constantly refined & improved so that you can now own a high-tech, industry grill for a modest price.

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Hardwood Pellets

Green Mountain Grills Brand Pellets are made out of 100% kiln dried sawdust that never touches the floor. These pellets are held together with the natural lignin in the wood. There are no fillers or additives here!

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BBQ Dry Rubs

These trade secret formulations are developed by the Green Mountain Grills competition grilling team for maximum flavor at an amazing price. These rubs will make you the neighborhood pit master in no time.

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A Green Mountain Grill accessory for every occasion.

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