Is It Okay to Let My Kids Use a Sauna?

Children form habits through observation. They observe their parents, friends, and siblings and mimic new behaviors. This is why, as parents, we strive to model great, healthy habits for our children. If you use a sauna as a regular part of your health and wellness routine, then you kids may show interest in doing the same. But you may be wondering, “Is it ok to let my kids use a sauna?” The short answer is, yes! Let us give an explanation and a few suggested guidelines. 

How Old are Your Kids?

Allowing your children to use your sauna is completely up to your parental discretion. If you’re comfortable with it, then it is safe for children to use a sauna. However, the age of your child can make a difference. A typical rule of thumb is it is best and safest for children over age eight. Before children are eight years old, their body’s ability to regulate high temperatures has not fully developed and could have to work extra hard to keep the body cool. 

How Long Can They Stay in the Sauna?

When using an indoor or outdoor sauna, most adults benefit from around a 30-minute session. This amount of time allows the body to receive the full benefits of a sauna. Obviously, children have much smaller bodies than the average adult. This means their bodies will reach these full benefits more quickly and could overheat more quickly as well. For these reasons, we recommend limiting children to a maximum of 15 minutes in the sauna. 

Can They Use the Sauna Alone?

Children should never spend time in your sauna without adult supervision. You want to have an adult supervising your children during each session. An adult will be able to recognize signs that a child needs to exit the sauna before they do. Instead, allow for family sauna time. It could be a great opportunity for conversation and quality time together. 

How Many Kids Can Join in a Sauna Session at a Time?

Perhaps the better question is, “How many people does your sauna hold?” Enjoy your sauna with as many kids as you feel comfortable supervising. Your only restriction is the seating that your sauna has. Enjoy using your sauna with your children! If you are in need of a larger sauna to accommodate more people, we can help you with that, too!

Saunas have many exceptional mental and physical health benefits that are great for adults and children alike. While we don’t see it as often in America, in other cultures around the world it is commonplace for kids to regularly use a sauna. At A-Quality Pools, we would love to help you find a family sauna to enjoy together. If you’d like to learn more about our indoor and outdoor sauna options, contact us today or stop by our North Richland Hills location to see our showroom model. 

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