How To Protect Your Pool From Severe Weather

As far away from the coast as we are in the Fort Worth and Grapevine area, we can still thank hurricane Laura for the uncomfortably soaring temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately. And of course, while being spared severe damage, a few areas in north Texas have seen some thunderstorms. Even if you sailed through Laura without a storm cloud in sight, now seems like a good time for a refresher on protecting your pool from severe weather, since we’re all bound to run into some stormy weather eventually. If you’ve been wondering if you’re doing everything you should to protect your pool when storms and other severe weather is forecasted, here are a few simple guidelines to remember. 

Uncover Your Pool

It may be counter-intuitive, but it’s actually best to remove the pool cover if thunderstorms or hail is in the forecast. High winds could rip your cover off or send debris flying into it and damage it. Yes, the rain and organic debris will throw your water balance off, but that’s easier (and less expensive to remedy) than a damaged cover. 

Fill It Up

Whatever you do, don’t drain your pool before a big storm. For obvious reasons, an above-ground pool is more sturdy and secure when it’s filled. And believe it or not, if the ground becomes extremely saturated, it could displace, or “pop-out” an empty in-ground pool. So, keep your pool full as normal.

Balance the Water

Even though you know you’ll be balancing the water after the storm, do it beforehand, too. That’ll make balancing your water chemistry easier afterward. You could even preemptively shock your pool and add an algaecide to give yourself a head start on cleanup.

Disconnect the Power

Turn off all of your pool equipment: pump, filter, heater, lighting … everything. Then, turn off the circuit breaker, too. If you think there’s a chance of flooding, move the pool equipment you can to a dry location. At the least, if you expect a lot of water, you can cover your electronic pool equipment with a tarp or cover and secure it.

Clear the Deck

Clear your pool deck and all the surrounding area of pool toys, furniture, decorations, and even your outdoor grill. 

Keep Trees and Landscaping Well-Maintained

We know this one doesn’t help if there’s a storm in the immediate forecast, but keeping your outdoor trees and plants trimmed will help keep limbs, leaves, and branches out of your pool when storms do blow in. 

Follow these tips and your family’s favorite backyard retreat will be as ready as you can make it when severe weather hits. Got other questions about caring for your pool? Need chemicals or a water analysis to get your pool balanced after the storm? We’re here to help! And of course, if severe weather does happen to damage your pool, you can trust A-Quality Pools and our 43+ years of experience to repair your swimming pool and get you back in the water in no time.

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