Give Your Health a Boost with a Hot Tub

“Is it good for my health?” It’s tempting to think about a hot tub purely as a luxury – a charming indulgence that isn’t particularly useful – but this just isn’t true! Sure, hot tubs are incredibly luxurious. The delightfully hot ‘n’ bubbly water, lavish seats, and sumptuous massage jets are indeed magnificent. But hot tubs do offer functional benefits as well. Most important among these are the wide array of real and significant health benefits. Consider these five key ways you can give your health a boost with a hot tub.

Health & a Hot Tub: Sleep Better

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that comfort and relaxation help you sleep better. And there’s no better way to get comfortable and relax than by getting warm and weightless in a hot tub! In fact, several studies have shown that spending time in a hot tub in the evening makes a substantial difference in how quickly you fall asleep and how deeply you sleep all night long. 

Relieve Joint Pain

One of the most effective ways to relieve joint pain is to take the pressure off – which is what happens naturally when your body is underwater. The near weightlessness of lounging in a hot tub provides immediate relief from joint pain of all kinds. And as if that wasn’t enough, the hydrostatic pressure of the water actually helps to reduce swelling in your joints, which provides continuing relief long after you dry off.

Relax Your Muscles 

When you have sore muscles, hot tubs are pure magic. The buoyancy of the water takes an immediate load off, while the hot water offers continuous full-body heat therapy. But then you turn on the massage jets, and your whole world changes. Where’s the soreness? What happened to all the tension? Sorry, they had to leave early. Bring on the quick recovery!

Decrease Stress for Better Health

Stress affects us all to some degree, but sometimes we don’t notice it until we feel it melting away. And melting away stress is exactly what hot tubs do! Decreasing stress on a regular basis is key to improving overall mental health and developing a growing sense of personal well-being and contentment. 

Improve Flexibility

With a hot tub, you can also dramatically improve your flexibility and range of motion. While older generations may have the most to gain from improving their range of motion, flexibility is one of the key measurements of overall physical health for people of all ages. With your stiff joints loosened and sore muscles relaxed, a little light exercise and stretching are all you need to greatly improve your flexibility.

Whether you’re a long-time spa owner or just thinking about getting your first one, it’s always a good time to give your health a boost with a hot tub! And if you ever have any questions about buying, maintaining, or upgrading your hot tub, our pool and spa pros are always happy to help. Check out our website, or give us a call at 817-281-0781 to learn more!

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