4 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Pool maintenance tips from A-Quality are the best way to care for your pool this fall.

When the work and school routines of autumn pick back up, your pool is probably the last thing on your mind most days. But don’t let maintenance tips slip your mind altogether.

Even if you’ve called an end to swim season, you don’t want to let your maintenance routine fall to the wayside. If you do, you’ll have a much bigger job to tackle later.

But not to worry. Fall maintenance for your pool is generally quick and easy. Here are a few tips from A-Quality Pools to get you started on a successful off-season.

Maintenance Tips: Keep It Clean

A few leaves floating in the water may look harmless, but if left in your pool for days or weeks, they’ll drift to the bottom and start to decay — just the thing algae needs to thrive and grow.

Also, leaves and other debris in your pool can cause staining, clog your filter, or damage your pump. You can head off any issues by skimming, filtering, and regularly cleaning your swimming pool. 

Keeping your pool clean on a consistent basis is key to saving both time and money. A clean pool needs fewer chemicals, prevents equipment damage, and provides a space of endless fun and relaxation.

Set your maintenance schedule today or schedule your worry-free A-Quality professional pool service today and let us take care of all the heavy lifting.

Keep the Water Balanced with DIY or Professional Pool Service

Why balance the water if no one will be in it, you ask? Because unbalanced water can cause problems that make it harder to clean your pool.

If you skip checking the water and adjusting the chemicals, you may find yourself with cloudy water, algae growth, or even discover unsightly slime. Then, cleaning your pool and sanitizing your water will be a tougher job.

If certain chemical levels are off for a long time, it could even lead to plumbing or equipment damage and pool surface scaling. The good news is, balancing the water only takes a few minutes and the payoff is big! It’s worth it for the small amount of time and attention that testing and chemical application takes.

Pool Maintenance: Schedule Repairs

Fall is the sweet spot for pool repairs and renovations. If you’re one of the many families who say goodbye to swim season through fall and winter, it’s the perfect time to get any repairs or maintenance done. Then, your pool will be in mint condition and ready for a new pool season come spring.

Schedule your renovations now to get on our list. Come spring, you’ll have a fresh poolscape to enjoy completely.

Calibrate Your Pool Heater

Many people extend their pool season by getting a pool heater. If that’s you, be sure to calibrate your heater so you keep energy consumption and cost low. 

Fall is a busy time, so if you need a little help keeping your pool clean and maintained, check out our weekly maintenance services. We can do all the brushing, vacuuming, skimming, and water balancing so you can focus on all your other fall activities.  

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